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In Atlanta there are plenty of financial events, and seminars to choose from. All of them offer a wide variety of topics from investing, to savings, to planning, to small biz taxes. Sometimes it seems daunting to choose the best topic for you. Especially if you are starting a new business or, just want to find the best plan of action for you.

How to choose the best financial event and topic for you? First let’s look at exactly what you are looking for.

Usually, there are general topics like “Real-estate”, or Investment Planning”.  Maybe you look at where you are at currently and what goal you want to accomplish is the future.  Sometimes financial events are FREE, but the hook then is to get you to buy books, or sign up for a further class that cost’s money. Other times, the event is so far over peoples head that it seems like you are going back to school just to understand that they are talking about.

We believe in the basics. Our goal is to have smaller more intimate luncheons so it doesn’t seem overwhelming.  For example: In August we are having our Fashion Savvy & Financial Fitness 2016 this is a luncheons that are designed to be casual, light, and fun.

Choosing what type of financial event can be easy once you have your  goal in mind. Look for who is presenting, and what THEIR goal of having you attend is. If it’s just educational, take it. Make sure they have a strict No Solicitation Policy.

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