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1) Get your risk number:

Please keep the following general guidelines in mind when going through the risk tolerance survey and how your score will alter your risk level.

      • 0-20 score – Conservative or Very Low Risk – Primary goal is to preserve capital, even if it means missing out on potential returns.
      • 21-40 score – Moderate Conservative– Low Risk- Primary Goal is to preserve principal but is willing to accept a small degree of risk for gains.
      • 41-60 score – Moderate or Medium Risk– Primary goal is to reduce risks and enhance returns equally.
      • 61-80 score – Growth or High Risk – Primary goal is long-term returns. Willing to accept significant risk.
      • 81-100 score – Aggressive or Very High Risk– Primary goal is maximizing returns: which may include extensive volatility and significant losses.

We are happy to set up a time to go through this process together if you are unsure where you should score or have questions. If you need help, skip this step and contact Melinda at or call 800-871-1219.

2) Please fill out the following form:

3) Please review these to documents, as we will be discussing these items on them in more detail:

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