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In our opinion, there are trends for the future of Atlanta Financial Planners. We feel this is an important ingredient when choosing who is going to be able to advise you for the long hall and well into the next decade.

  1. Longevity Risk – Planners will have to help clients prepare to live much longer lives than previous generations.

“The people in our industry who don’t view this is a part of their job, I think, are going to find that the people who do will gain market share in the next 10 years, “says Dennis Stearn, president of Sterns Financial.

As a result, planners may need to help their clients plan for a sequential retirements periods of work, followed by short-duration retirements that may include training to acquire new skills, and then second careers.

2. Market Volatility – With so much change ahead, most forecasters predict more volatile markets. This will force planners to continually seek new safe harbors for their clients’ wealth – like annuities and, in some cases alternatives.

3. Regulation and Compliance – The continued implementation of regulatory reforms, including regulations stemming from Dodd-Frank, will also help satisfy clients who demand greater transparency. Yet, in our opinion,  as compliance burdens rise, technological advances will cut costs for everyone.

4. Financial Literacy – A generation raised with new online budgeting and account management tools will create a client population with greater financial literacy. Many planners say that kids who grew up watching their parents go into debt want to avoid the same fate for themselves. More will use online tools to help “gamify” their ow financial planning and will bring more savvy to their relationships with their planners

5. Crowdfunding Evolves – As a regulatory framework evolves to allow crowdfunding for equity investing, some believe it could begin to draw substantial capital away from the stock market. It’s still to early to say how important it could become as a means of helping firms access new private capital and investors generate reliable returns. What’s likely (in our opinion) is that, in the short term at least, crowdfunding will be exploited by fraudsters.

As a Atlanta Financial Planner, we look at trends all the time. Of course these are just our opinions, and no body can predict where the financial industry will go. But we see a lot more engagement with our new clients coming in and discussing their options with a knowledge of basic planning skills witch is exciting for the future.

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