As an astute fee-based Atlanta financial planner operating in the Atlanta Metro Area, Scarlet Oak Financial Services are very knowledgeable at providing a range of personalized financial planning, money management, and asset allocation services that help their clients achieve their financial objectives.

These services include:

  • Atlanta Investment and wealth management
  • Atlanta Financial and estate planning
  • Atlanta Retirement planning
  • Atlanta Income, gift and estate tax planning
  • Atlanta Wealth transfer strategies

Logical Approach:

Not every financial planner in Atlanta can claim to deliver exceptional results for their clients all of the time. However, by putting together a logical approach to accomplishing those outcomes, we feel the Scarlet Oak FS team makes success more likely.

  1. In our experience, Clients want to work with a wealth manager in Atlanta who listens to their needs.
  2. They value someone who understands their individual and family backgrounds.
  3. We  feel, they need help with setting realistic financial goals and building achievable financial plans.
  4. In times of uncertainty, our experience tells us, clients will gravitate toward an Atlanta financial planner who advises and counsels them and helps them solve their problems.
  5. No one likes to be kept in the dark on matters affecting their finances. Constant communication is key!
  6. In working with clients, we feel that unbiased recommendations from an independent, fee-only advisor go a long way toward cementing client-advisor relationships.
  7. And finally, we feel that wealth management firms in Atlanta that are prepared to work with a clients’ team of other advisors are a sought after commodity!

Faye Sykes strives to successfully harness all of these elements into a logical client-service approach. This is the goal of Scarlet Oak Financial Service

Contact us so we can sit down with you and discuss your financial goals. We can both work together as a team to reach your goal. We are here to help anyway we can.