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Over the years, Atlanta Financial Planners have become much more that just sitting behind a desk and trying to forecast the “market”. Being a personal financial planner in Atlanta means community involvement and almost being an “Educator” along with constantly sharing ideas with others.   The help of a Atlanta financial planner can prove invaluable, if the planner has been carefully selected, experts say.

Although there are no laws regulating the practice of Georgia financial planning, there are ways to ensure that the planner you select is knowledgeable, experienced, ethical and accountable.

Of all financial professionals, the relationship between a client and financial planner has become the most personal in nature. They are familiar with every aspect of a client’s financial standing and help guide them in the pursuit of their financial goals.

Specifically, Atlanta Financial planners take a holistic approach to financial management, addressing tax issues, estate planning and investments — a broad range of topics that require an equally broad base of knowledge.
They analyze a client’s financial situation, determine the amount of capital they have for retirement and run calculations that will project the amount of money they will have available at retirement.

Check credentials

The Institute of Certified Financial Planners, a professional association, recommends looking for the Certified Financial Planner designation.  A CFP has met the requirements of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, including a certification test, experiential requirements, adherence to the board’s code of ethics and continuing education. Anyone can call themselves a financial planner, cautioned Patricia Koehn, president of Atlanta-based Financial Strategies Inc. and a member of the Atlanta chapter of the ICFP.

“That is a big problem. People are calling themselves financial planners without the designation and they’re coming in with very little experience, if any,” she explained. “They’re putting “financial planner” on their business card when they may have been a shoe salesman the week before.”

In addition to looking for the CFP designation, Koehn advises choosing a planner with at least seven years’ experience in the field.  An initial interview is the best way to choose a planner.

Scarlet Oaks believes a face-to-face interview is essential to determine if the “chemistry” is right. You have to be a able to comfortably communicate your needs and wants when it comes to YOUR financial future. With the right Atlanta Personal Financial Planner, you can create a strategic and easy to understand financial plan for yourself. Contact us today and set up a personal meeting with us, we would love to meet you.