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Here in Atlanta, wealthcare for women is as important as anything else a working women can do. Exactly how hard women work is underestimated to say the least. Then you add the struggle of heading toward retirement, there’s both good news and bad. On the good side, most women are fortunate to lead long and healthy lives. On the bad side, that means their retirement savings must be able to last longer than they do.

Most women living in Atlanta, they will spend at least a part of their on their own, either because they never have married or they lose their husband through divorce or death. This is a problem for their financial future, since they will end up having to manage their retirements *yet fewer than 40% of women say they have a real plan about how to do this.

One of the biggest fears women report across the board is the fear of being alone.

Smart financial planning means having money for the life you want to live and the person you want to be. What would that look like for you tomorrow, next month, 10, 20, 30 years down the road?

Let’s figure it all out together. If you’d like to talk, contact Scarlet Oak Financial Service or, give me a call at 800.871.1219 to schedule an appoitment.

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