Last year Congress made some changes to Social Security. We get a lot of questions here in Atlanta about how this might affect their Social Security Benefits. However, whether you are reaching the Social Security Full Retirement Age and looking to maximize your Social Security benefits or are a Professional Advisor such as a CPA, Financial Advisor, Lawyer, Tax Professional, Enrolled Agent or Insurance Agent looking to better answer the questions your clients might have about Social Security, Scarlet Oak Financial Services can help. We provide customized consulting for individuals or couples reaching their Full Retirement Age and can assist in understanding and maximizing their lifetime Social Security benefits. We can also provide Social Security education and training for all Professional Advisors looking to better answer the questions their clients are having about Social Security, thereby increasing value to their clients.

Scarlet Oak Financial Services is dedicated to helping you get the most from your social security retirement benefits. We offer one-on-one Social Security Consulting sessions that advise you on the best options available when it comes to your unique Social Security situation.

As continued cutbacks are made to the Social Security program, the government is providing less support to applicants. They have in essence mandated that all applicants research their own options prior to applying. Representatives in local Social Security offices are no longer allowed to offer case-specific advice… leaving many applicants at risk for making costly errors on their application.

Our goal is to help you understand all of your Social Security questions. Living in Atlanta, we are busy people, let us guide you through the Social Security system so you can make better decisions for your life, and retirement. It’s easy to Contact us and schedule an appointment. Let us help reach your financial goals.

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