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Atlanta Wealth Management combines both financial planning and specialized financial services, including personal retail banking services, estate planning, legal and tax advice, and investment management services to those individuals who want to start an investment strategy for retirement, or some kind of “rainy day fund”.

The goal of wealth management is to sustain and grow long-term wealth.  Also, depending on the individual, the range of services available is highly customizable in order to meet the specific needs of the client.


Wealth management clients are highly sought after by financial institutions and financial service companies. Many banks that combine traditional banking and wealth management services have specialized sales and service teams to specifically cater to wealth management clients.

A further defining quality of wealth management is that it is delivered in a consultative manner. By being consultative, wealth managers are truly client-centered. A good wealth manager meets a client without any presupposition about what financial products or services are appropriate for that affluent individual. This is an important ingredient with Scarlet Oak Financial.

While it is common for a wealthy individual to be sitting with a wealth manager to address a particular need (investment management, say), the consultative wealth manager’s overriding objective is to understand the person and find out what’s important and why. Then the wealth manager is able to bring in the appropriate experts and provide the appropriate financial products.

Scarlet Oaks Financial takes your Atlanta Wealth Management very seriously. We strive to offer our Clients with the knowledge and understanding of the products we can offer. More importantly, we listen to what our Clients are telling us their financial goal are. It’s important when looking at all the Atlanta Wealth Managers out there, you pick one that just offers sound Financial Services that you can directly get in contact with.

If you are looking for a sound Atlanta Wealth Management Financial Adviser, please contact us today and set up an appointment, we would be happy to meet with you.