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Kick off The Year Right!

10 things you can do today to take control of your finances.
  • Check your credit report

  • Review your Social Security statement for accuracy

  • High interest cards? See if you qualify for a better rate.

  • Savings making little to no money? Review national rates for options.

  • Call your providers.

Cut out expenses for services you are not using.

Ditch them!

  • Automate your saving.

Save more, think less

  • Shop online a lot?

Check out or other discount services.

  • Have too many subscriptions to savor them all?

Trim is an App that can help you cancel them for free.

  • Try Amazon subscribe and save

Save money on items you buy regularly

  • Negotiate fixed bills.

Let us know your savings tips! Want help or have questions contact Scarlet Oak Financial Services can be reached at 800.871.1219 or contact us here.  Click here to sign up for our weekly newsletter with the latest economic news.


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