When you’re a new widow, you have a lot to deal with – both emotionally and logistically.  Overwhelming is an understatement. Suddenly having to handle all the finances can be tough for many women. Even so, there are a number of issues that need to be handled sooner rather than later. Here is a short list of things to put first:

1. Notify important people and professionals
2. Coordinate the funeral and/or burial arrangements
3. Find the will and petition the probate court or hire an attorney to help you
4. Collect information on benefits including life insurance, IRA’s and employee benefits
5. Make sure to pay your bills, but you may want to consult with an attorney first to see whether all should be paid
6. Do not make any large purchases
7. Organize any documents that you may think are important
8. Do seek a professional Atlanta Metro Financial Advisor

If you need additional assistance we can help. We offer a 90-minute consultation in-person in the Atlanta area or by the phone outside of the Metro Atlanta area for the recently widowed that will help you assess where you are and get you started in the right direction as you begin life as a widow. The consultation is $375. If you are recently widowed, please call us at 800-871-1219 or email fsykes@scarletoakfs.com to set up a consultation.