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For active seniors with a passion for playing golf, there are many golfing retirement communities located across the United States to consider as your primary retirement residence. Imagine living surrounded by beautifully-maintained green-grass vistas, just a short walk away from your community clubhouse. Picture the perfectly-sized home where your clubhouse dues, greens fees and cart fees may all be included in your monthly homeowner’s association dues.

Nearly every state offers a 55+ community built around a golf course with many amenities. But there are trade-offs to consider. While golfing retirement communities might be cheaper in some states, you may not find them cheaper when it comes to your actual lifestyle.

For instance, you should consider the weather as a factor in your decision-making process. If you move to a state that has harsh winters and humid summers, your time on the green might be limited to spring and fall. For desert states with harsh summers, you might not want to golf in the 100+ degree temperatures possible from June through September.

(Weather withstanding, keep in mind that most of these communities offer a host of other amenities too—even when you aren’t golfing. Fitness rooms, art classes, community dinners and events—there are all kinds of ways to get involved and get social with your active neighbors.)

Besides the weather, ask yourself other questions which might affect your retirement budget as well as lifestyle and happiness. Such as, how close is the community to your family and long-time friends? If you end up spending a lot of money on travel expenses, you could negate any potential budget savings you had planned. And if your family can’t afford to travel to be with you, you might end up missing your connection to them more than you had thought.

Once you’ve settled on a golfing community in the right location for you and your family, you might be perfectly situated for an economically-advantageous golfing lifestyle, with lots of mild exercise, fresh air and a built-in friend network of like-minded retirees to spend your days with. It could be just the ticket for your health and financial wellness.

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This article originally appears in Golf Central Magazine : Volume 20, Issue 11, page 12 on 03/30/20. Golf Central Magazine is The Southeast’s Turf, Travel, Philanthropy, and Lifestyle Magazine. Check out their website, Facebook, and Twitter.  Golf Central Can be contacted  at (321) 765-7550 or

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