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I’m going to wager that you absolutely love golf, which is probably why you’re reading this magazine. It’s a fantastic sport, but it can also be an expensive sport when you start to add up the green fees, cart rental, golf gloves, shoes and apparel, golf clubs, golf balls, bags and miscellaneous equipment, tournament and league fees, tipping costs, and membership fees should you decide to join a country club.

Never fear, where there is a will, there is a way to break par when it comes to your finances. It all starts with an effective budget.

There is no reason why your life can’t be full of fun while you’re achieving your goals, and this is possible when you create a plan and stick with it. Your financial plan and your budget should be customized to you and your life’s priorities. Building in the money to fund your passions actually helps you stick with your long-term plans and stay away from sand traps like unplanned purchases and department store credit cards.

Creating a budget that includes a line item for your favorite activity requires a realistic assessment of all your fixed and discretionary expenses. A workable budget prioritizes and allocates funds for all your life objectives, including paying off debt and saving for emergencies, retirement and larger purchases like homes.

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This article originally appears in Golf Central Magazine : Volume 20, Issue 9, page 44 on 01/14/20. Golf Central Magazine is The Southeast’s Turf, Travel, Philanthropy, and Lifestyle Magazine. Check out their website, Facebook, and Twitter.  Golf Central Can be contacted  at (321) 765-7550 or