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The Atlanta financial press has in large part touted the merits of working with a Atlanta Financial Advisor who is compensated only by the fees he or she charges directly to clients and not via the sale of financial products. To be clear on terms, an advisor who is compensated only by fees is fee-only. These fees might be hourly, a flat retainer or be based on a percentage of your investment assets.

Fee-based or fee and commission advisors generally are compensated via both fees for advice and commissions on the sale of financial products that may be used to implement their advice. Commissioned advisors are paid solely by the commissions earned from selling various financial and insurance products. (For more, see: Paying Your Investment Advisor: Fees vs. Commissions.)

In an Article Written by Atlanta Consumer Reporter Clark Howard. Mr Howard said this:

The stakes are so high in investing that you should consider fee-only planners. They’ll give you a fixed price up front for their services, regardless of the product they recommend. You won’t have to worry about conflict of interest.

Scarlet Oak Financial is a Personal Fee only service.  We feel it’s the best way to listen to our clients needs and recommend the correct financial product for them. Another benefit of using fee-only financial advisors is the opportunity for us to offer an objective second opinion of your situation. This is especially true if the advisor works with clients on an hourly, as-needed basis or perhaps will do a financial plan or financial review for a fixed project fee. Services here can range from addressing a specific financial question to a review of your investment portfolio to a full-blown financial plan

If you or someone you know is looking for an Atlanta Fee Based Financial Advisor, please contact us. We can set up an appointment and give you the attention you deserve.

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