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Atlanta Social Security Planners

Atlanta Social Security Consultants

Last year Congress made some changes to Social Security. We get a lot of questions here in Atlanta about how this might affect their Social Security Benefits. However, whether you are reaching the Social Security Full Retirement Age and looking to maximize your Social Security benefits or are a Professional Advisor such as a CPA,…

Fee Based Atlanta Financial Planners

Top 5 Low-tech Ways for People Living in Atlanta to Save Money

There are plenty of high-tech ways to manage your money and help you track and cut spending. But if you can’t master, won’t use or are too frugal to buy the high-tech solutions, pick up a pencil and start saving and budgeting now with these low-tech options. Write it down We always advise our clients…

Atlanta 401k Consultants

Atlanta 401k Services

You have a 401K with your job, but you really don’t know how it works.  One of the most common questions we get in the Atlanta Metro Area is: How does my 401K work?  We wanted to give you a summary of what, and how a 401K is and explain a little of how it…

Atlanta Fee Based financial planners

Atlanta Fee Based Financial Advisors

The Atlanta financial press has in large part touted the merits of working with a Atlanta Financial Advisor who is compensated only by the fees he or she charges directly to clients and not via the sale of financial products. To be clear on terms, an advisor who is compensated only by fees is fee-only.…

Atlanta Investment Managers

8 Ways to Save Your Money

Living in Atlanta Georgia all of know that we work hard, but we can play hard to. After a long drive home we are ready to unwind and relax. But we forget sometimes that in are pursuit to play on the weekend, or even go out of town, we forget to set a budget for…

Georgia Social Security Changes

New Social Security Changes for Atlanta

For 80 years, Social Security has been a key part of how people living in Atlanta or anywhere for that matter, ensure their financial security after they retire. As reliable as Social Security has been, it has often gone through major changes, and 2016 will be an unusually active year for the program as important legal…

Atlanta Investment Managers

Investment Advisors Atlanta

What makes a good Investment Advisor in Atlanta? They listen! Scarlet Oaks investment management process focuses on what our clients financial goals are. We  concentrate on managing risks while we search for attractive opportunities throughout capital markets around the world. Our approach encompasses a breadth of asset classes and investment options. The portfolios we manage and the…

Atlanta Personal Financial Planners

Personal Financial Planners Atlanta

Over the years, Atlanta Financial Planners have become much more that just sitting behind a desk and trying to forecast the “market”. Being a personal financial planner in Atlanta means community involvement and almost being an “Educator” along with constantly sharing ideas with others.   The help of a Atlanta financial planner can prove invaluable,…

Atlanta Buckhead Certified Financial Planners

Atlanta Wealth Financial Planner

Atlanta Financial Planner Faye Sykes, is a WEALTH FINANCIAL PLANNER in Midtown Atlanta. Scarlet Oaks FS has many financial tools available to assist an individual or small business owner to effectively manage their assets and make crucial financial decisions. Client Commitment Statement: To provide a time tested disciplined approach to building a financial plan for individuals and…

Atlanta Investment Managers

Atlanta Wealth Manager vs Investment Planner

There are many Atlanta financial professionals out there in various areas of specialization dedicated to helping clients manage their money. Atlanta Accountants, financial planners, investment advisors and stockbrokers may all fit the bill, depending a client’s needs. Here we will take a look at the differences between a few financial professions – financial planners, investment…

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