Laurie Colestock

Medicare Insurance Specialist

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Laurie desires to help those age 65 and older or those under 65 that are on disability navigate the sometimes overwhelming Medicare Advantage and Supplemental plans.  Laurie hosts times throughout the year where you can learn more about Medicare in a group setting and of course sitting down with Laurie for a one-on-one meeting is always complementary.

What you should expect working with Laurie as an medicare agent:

  • Work with you on a medicare option that best fits you
  • Education on site or off site on medicare and dual programs
  • Listen to what your situation is and help you or a loved one.

Laurie has a 25 year history in commercial real estate and accounting. As part of her last position as Chief Operating Officer for a local firm, Laurie wore many hats, including that of benefits administrator, and learned how to take often confusing information and break it down so that it can be understood.

A passion for Laurie is  working weekly with MUST Ministries, and is excited to have been selected as a 2019 Super Bowl Team ATL volunteer!

Laurie holds a BS degree from Georgia Tech. She enjoys spending time with her family, and taking hikes on the Silver Comet Trail with her dog.



  • Medicare Advantage
  • Medicare Supplemental
  • Dual Plans

Being an Atlanta Medicare Insurance specialist I get to meet all kinds of people that are looking to understand and select the optimal plan. Look for upcoming events in the Atlanta Metro Area. Looking forward to meeting with you soon! 

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