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Tax Changes & COLAs for Businesses-2019

Tax Changes & COLAs for Businesses   On the business side, not much has changed this year after a truly momentous 2018.   1) Taxable income thresholds pertaining to the 20% deduction of qualified business income have been updated. Many pass-through business entities will be able to exclude a bit more income from federal taxation in…

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Tax Changes & COLAs for Households-2019

Tax Changes & COLAs for Households Here are some notable changes affecting individual taxpayers this year (the changes are far less seismic in 2019 than those brought about in 2018 by the Tax Cuts & Jobs Act).  Just a reminder as you move to this new section on Tax Changes & COLAs for Households. This…

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Weekly Update- Stocks Rallied

In this week’s recap: the Dow extends its win streak, Fed minutes reveal a little uncertainty, and home sales weaken again. Weekly Economic Update-02/25/2019 THE WEEK ON WALL STREET Stocks rallied last week as optimism about a potential U.S.-China trade deal grew. The S&P 500 advanced 0.80% for the week to 2,792.67. The Nasdaq Composite…

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Guide to Tax Season Deadlines-2019

  Tax Season Deadlines Thursday, January 31 W-2 and 1099-MISC forms must be supplied to employees by this deadline (W-2s to all employees; 1099-MISCs to any independent contractors and vendors who performed work for your business in 2018). W-2 and 1099-MISC summation form filing deadline for employers and small businesses. W-2s + linked Form W-3…

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