Social Security in Atlanta

Georgia Social Security Changes

Before you visit an Atlanta Social Security offices, there are a few things you need to know. Here is a list of documents you may need to complete forms. Bring Necessary Documentation – When you are on the phone with the representative, make sure you ask them what forms you will need to bring to…

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Social Security Isn’t Just for Retirement

When you think of Social Security, you probably think about retirement. It’s true that the program provides critical income for millions of retired Americans, but Social Security also does much more. Designed as a safety net to provide older people who could no longer work with a basic income, Social Security has grown into a…

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Retirement Questions Atlanta Citizen’s Commonly Fear

Top Fee Based Atlanta Financial Planners

Living in Atlanta Georgia means we work hard. We also have big decisions on if we are going to stay, live and then retire in the surrounding Metro Area. But research say’s that we have fear around retirement and a bigger fear about Social Security? A startling number of Baby Boomers do, so don’t feel silly…

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What Every Atlanta Resident Needs to Know About Social Security

How does working abroad affect your social security

You’ve made your home in the Atlanta Metro Area and have worked hard most of your life. In fact, you’ve worked in other parts of the Country a also. One day you decide “I’m done, time to travel abroad”. How does this affect your Social Security and Medicare benefits? The answer varies by country, and…

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