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Profit from A Conservative Administration in Atlanta

While your long-term investment strategy shouldn’t change every four years, you may be able to maximize financial growth by investing in stocks that stand a good chance of winning out in the short term through tax policy, legislative changes, and other political actions. With a Republican administration in charge of Washington, it’s a good idea…

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How to purchase a car in Atlanta

Purchasing a Car in Atlanta? We have provided this Step-by-Step Guide. Buying a new or newer vehicle can be daunting, since it’s one of the bigger purchases many people make. If you want to minimize costs, consider these steps. Do Your Homework Trade-In or Private Sale: Bring your existing car to CarMax or AutoTrader to…

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Social Security Isn’t Just for Retirement

When you think of Social Security, you probably think about retirement. It’s true that the program provides critical income for millions of retired Americans, but Social Security also does much more. Designed as a safety net to provide older people who could no longer work with a basic income, Social Security has grown into a…

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Are You Part of the Sandwich Generation in Atlanta?

Many people living in Atlanta Georgia today are part of what is known as the sandwich generation. No, that doesn’t mean covered in peanut butter or surrounded by lettuce and tomatoes. It refers to being economically sandwiched by two other generations, one older and one younger, that rely on you for financial support. Providing emotional support…

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What Every Atlanta Resident Needs to Know About Social Security

How does working abroad affect your social security

You’ve made your home in the Atlanta Metro Area and have worked hard most of your life. In fact, you’ve worked in other parts of the Country a also. One day you decide “I’m done, time to travel abroad”. How does this affect your Social Security and Medicare benefits? The answer varies by country, and…

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