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Your Emergency Fund: How Much is Enough?

Your Emergency Fund: How Much is Enough? An emergency fund may help alleviate the stress associated with a financial crisis.      Have you ever had one of those months? The water heater stops heating, the dishwasher stops washing, and your family ends up on a first-name basis with the nurse at urgent care. Then,…

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Pending Trade Talks Bolster Markets

In this week’s recap: the three Wall Street benchmarks advance as investors respond to newly scheduled U.S.-China trade talks and see a silver lining in the latest employment and manufacturing data. Weekly Economic Update     THE WEEK ON WALL STREET Stocks rose last week, with help from two developments: the announcement of further U.S.-China…

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When Should I Start Thinking About Creating A Will?

When Should I Start Thinking About Creating A Will? By Sarah Siedentopf   A Last Will and Testament is an incredibly important document, in that it ensures your wishes are carried out after your death.  For many people, the process of creating a will may seem daunting, or, some may be confused about the appropriate…

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Is America Prepared to Retire?

Is America Prepared to Retire? A look at some ways to get ready.   Are Americans saving enough? Only 19% of U.S. adults describe themselves as “very confident” when asked about their savings. Worry spots include retiring without enough money saved (16%) and anxiety about having a “rainy day” emergency fund (14%). These findings come…

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Atlanta, August finishes with a rally!

In this week’s recap: Wall Street finishes August with a rally, China decides to pause a potential response to oncoming U.S. tariffs, and two consumer confidence indices send different messages. Weekly Economic Update     THE WEEK ON WALL STREET Fears of an impasse in the U.S.-China trade dispute lessened last week. While additional U.S.…

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Ways to Ease the Cost of College

Ways to Ease the Cost of College A look at grants, scholarships, 529 plans, and other methods.        How much could a college education cost in the 2030s? You may want to take a deep breath and sit down before reading the next paragraph.   A MassMutual analysis projects that four years of…

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Weekly Update: Turbulence Continues, Atlanta

In this week’s recap: China unveils new tariffs, the U.S. responds in kind, Jerome Powell speaks at Jackson Hole, leading economic indicators rise, and stocks fall. Weekly Economic Update     THE WEEK ON WALL STREET Traders assumed that the week’s biggest news event would be Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s speech at the annual…

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Weekly Update: Volatility Marks Last Week

In this week’s recap: equities are hit by considerable volatility, following developments in the bond market as well as the U.S.-China trade dispute. Weekly Economic Update   THE WEEK ON WALL STREET U.S. stock indices saw significant ups and downs last week, with traders looking for economic cues from Treasury yields and also developments in…

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Retirement and Adult Children

Retirement and Adult Children Supporting family can put a crimp in your strategy.     Families are one of the great joys in life, and part of the love you show to your family is making sure that their basic needs are met. While that’s only to be expected from birth through the high school…

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Weekly Update: FED Cuts Benchmark Interest Rate

In this week’s recap: stocks fall after a Federal Reserve rate cut, new tariffs are planned for Chinese goods, and payrolls see triple-digit monthly growth. Weekly Economic Update   THE WEEK ON WALL STREET Last week, the Federal Reserve cut interest rates for the first time in more than a decade, in line with Wall…

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