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There are lots of reasons why people need advice from a financial adviser but there are also lots of different types of adviser, so it pays to know who to go to and when

Faye Sykes

CEO, Independent Advisor, CLTC & NSSA
1708 Peachtree street nw, suite 201, Atlanta, Georgia 30309

Jill Burgtorf

Director of Operations and Client Service
1708 Peachtree street nw, suite 201, Atlanta, Georgia 30309

Teri Allgaier

Director of Client Development
1708 Peachtree street nw, suite 201, Atlanta, Georgia 30309

When is the last time all of your trusted advisors sat down in one place with you to discuss your financial big picture? At Scarlet Oak Financial Services, our mission is to help you figure out where you are now in relation to where you want to go and create a road map to help get you there.

What are your financial needs and goals? Whether you’re ready to sell a business, need a tax strategy or have experienced a major life change, we bring knowledgeable and experienced advisors to the table to establish the best way forward.

Life is complicated; complex situations aren’t unusual. We help you review and integrate the different aspects of your financial life, no matter how messy, by addressing a variety of planning needs and assisting you in selecting solutions that fit your unique picture.

Scarlet Oak Financial Services is a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA). That means we act as a fiduciary on your behalf, with your interests – not pushing a particular financial product or service – as the only driver of our advice.

Our fee structure is transparent; you know what you’re paying for and there are no hidden fees or costs. Our charges are based either on a percentage of assets or on a preset hourly basis. This arrangement ensures that we are incentivized to help you grow your assets.

Scarlet Oak Financial Services utilizes T.D. Ameritrade as an account custodian, providing important infrastructure, trading and preparing statements and tax documents for our clients.

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Financial Planner
We will work through the process to identify your needs, goals and strategy, and put your plan into action
Social Security Advisor
We’ll give you independent advice and help you search over thousands of mortgages to find the right deal for you
Pension Adviser
We will be happy to give you information and guidance on occupational or private pension arrangement